Friday, August 06, 2004

New version of AppleWorks coming: AppleWorks X has listed a new book by Nolan Hester, titled Appleworks X for MAC OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide. This seems to be a new book, with a different title and different ISBN number from the previous book, AppleWorks 6 for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, published 4 years earlier.

Now what about Keynote 2?


Ern said...

My 2 cents, it's not going to happen now. All the guys giving reasons for the title are just being ignored at Macrumors Forums. Apple is not focusing its attention to office needs right now; in fact they heavily support Office on Mac. Expect iMac G5, Motion, Tiger…in Paris and Keynote 2 on January.
However, Apple hired the guys working on that BeOS suite (sorry I can’t remember the name right now) so it’s not difficult to imagine what they are doing.
AppleWorks 7 may be scheduled sometime after Tiger and 2005 Q4.
I would be happy if wrong :)

Eug said...

Well, AppleWorks X is coming, but this book listing doesn't indicate when the book coming. You could be right that it's not until late next year, but I'm guessing sooner.