Wednesday, September 08, 2004

iMac G5 best seller at Apple Store

Even though the iMac G5 is not even shipping yet, it is now the number one best seller at the Apple Store, beating out even the iPod and iPod mini. In fact, no other computer is on Apple's top ten list.

This is very good news for Apple. One can only hope that the sales continue to be good in a few months, after the initial pent up demand is satisfied. I suspect that in the revision B G5 iMac, Apple will update the CPU, and more importantly the GPU, to try to ensure continued strong sales.

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hmurchison said...

I think this model will have the legs necessary to maintain a decent amount of sales. I expect the sales to taper and then pick back up with the release of the second revision and Tiger next year. Too much has been made about the graphics card. The iMac has "never" been a gaming machine so I don't understand why some people assumed it to be a potential DOOM 3 champ or something. I think people are going to love the form factor and Apple hasn't even started advertising it strongly yet.