Thursday, November 18, 2004

Apple Store coming to Toronto

It seems that Apple is finally acknowledging the rumours that they are opening an Apple Store in the Toronto region in 2005:
Apple Canada is announcing today that an Apple Branded Retail Store location will be opening in Toronto, mid year 2005.

Apple currently has ninety-six retail stores in the US, two in Japan, and one opening in London, England this weekend. The stores have been incredibly popular, attracting more than fifty million visitors since the first store was opened in May of 2001.

They provide great hands-on experience for customers, and we welcome the store to Canada as a great complement to our existing distribution channels.

To see what the Apple Store concept is all about, please go to:

Where and when are unknown at this time
Most rumours have suggested that such a store will be in a suburb of Toronto, which would make sense since downtown Toronto already has several very good Mac-oriented stores. However, other rumours suggest the Toronto Eaton Centre, which is the main downtown mall and a popular tourist destination.

In addition, the Canadian iTunes Music Store is slated to open this month. Song prices are as yet unknown.

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