Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Best supercomputing quote ever

Apple has put up a new description of Virginia Tech's System X supercomputer. In it, Dr. Kevin Shinpaugh, Director of Research and Cluster Computing, has this to say about System X:
The new Xserve cluster, says Dr. Shinpaugh, is “a very beautiful-looking machine, a combination of black racks and brushed aluminum, finished very nicely. Then you have the nice blue blinky lights. A lot of people who come by like to see blinky lights so they can say, ‘Oh, there is something going on.’


Anonymous said...

Thats really funny. "Blue blinky lights." I think I'm going to use that in a story I've got to write.

styrofoamtuna said...

I saw a quote that might compare, though I cannot vouch for authenticity.

According to what I read:

Mr. Cray, of cray computers, informed that Apple had been using his computers to simulate an upcoming computer of their own: "That's interesting: I have been using Apple's computer to simulate the next Cray"... fwiw