Friday, April 01, 2005

Special Apple event at NAB on April 20th

Issue 437 of the Apple Developer Connection News released today indicates that Apple will host a special invitation-only event at NAB 2005 on April 20th. The newsletter links to a registration page that states:
Apple is inviting select members of the video and film developer community to join us for a special presentation on how to fully leverage Mac OS X "Tiger" and Apple’s hardware product line, and better integrate with Apple's professional applications.
Since Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger has already gone gold, the official Tiger release most likely will have already been announced by then. Apple will also undoubtedly bring several new and newly updated pro audio/video applications to NAB, too. However, one wonders if such an event may also be used to highlight new Apple hardware, to be released in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

I must have missed the hardware part. My ADC email stated the following:
"Apple Developer Connection is pleased to invite video and film developers to attend a special presentation on Wednesday April 20 at 6:00PM. The discussion will focus on how to fully leverage Mac OS X "Tiger" and integrate better with Apple's professional applications."

hmurchison said...

This is interesting because Apple has an afternoon invite for some Apple users on April 17th in the afternoon. This is going to be where they likely display the new video/audio apps. If they still have an event on April 20th then that surprises me. Would it be just a review of the applications announced on April 18th?

Eug said...

"I must have missed the hardware part."

Look under "View Details" button of the event registration page. My quote is from there.

"If they still have an event on April 20th then that surprises me."

See above. Also note that the event on the 20th requires an ADC number.

Anonymous said...

I still think they will wait for WWDC 2005 for hardware... after all it is the first week of June...

not that I'm a psychic, but I had a dream two weeks ago about the "New Apple Quad 3.6GHz G6" Last time I had a dream like that was march 03 about a dual 2.2 G5...

I highly doubt a G6 but even being 0.2 GHz off would still be astounding... and very unlikely at this point.