Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Motorola leaks picture of iTunes phone?

Motorola leaks picture of iTunes phone?
Michael Tatelman, Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Devices for Motorola North Asia, gave a presentation to Morgan Stanley analysts recently, which shows this picture of a phone with an Apple logo.

Given its aesthetics, one can only hope it's just a mock-up, and not the real iTunes phone.

[Update 2005-06-28]

AppleInsider, Engadget, and c|net all now seem to have picked up on this. For the record, I'd be surprised if the phone really did look like this. I'm more inclined to believe the Le Figaro article, which states the phone is a white one close to Motorola's E398.

[Update 2005-06-29]

MacDailyNews has posted more pictures that add support to the rumours that the iTunes phone is in fact similar to the one shown here.

[Update 2005-07-03]

I am happy to report that the iTunes phone is not black and green. As originally thought, the E790 is white and based off the E398.

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Anonymous said...

Well it probaly is just one of their phones running itunes.... remember that this is the party thingy