Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Intel posts official Yonah pricing

Intel has finally posted official Yonah pricing and release dates on the new Yonah chips.

This mirrors previous Yonah roadmaps available on the net.

There is no mention of a Yonah-based Celeron for January, although there is the single-core 2 MB L2 T1300 Yonah 1.66 GHz. This again brings up the possibility of a 13" Yonah PowerBook for Macworld next week.

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yonatron (aka slugslugslug on MacNN) said...

Who is this pricing for? I'm guessing it's what computer makers pay, since it appears to refer to processors bought by the thousand, in trays.

Is that true? If so, are we to assume that this is what Apple would be paying as well, or might they get something of a volume discount since they're a pretty big fish? If they're paying $200 just for the processor, the whole idea of an iBook price drop (who said that, Think Secret?) seems kinda up in smoke..