Tuesday, February 14, 2006

MacBook Pro now up to 2.16 GHz

Apple has not yet started shipping the MacBook Pro, but they have already quietly increased the maximum speed of the top end version to 2.16 GHz, as a $300 upgrade to the now standard 2.0 GHz model (up from 1.83). Both versions are listed with 3-4 week shipping times for new orders. The 1.67 GHz model has also been bumped to 1.83.

The good news is that those who ordered models with the slower speeds are getting free speed upgrades, but the bad news is that most of these orders have been delayed, despite Apple's statement that the MacBook Pro is shipping this week.

For most of you ordering now, I would recommend against the upgrade to 2.16 GHz. $300 is rather expensive for such a marginal (8%) CPU speed upgrade.

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Anonymous said...

I ordered a 2.16 MacBook Pro from CPUSED in toronto. Any body else order from there. Mine was built and they said it would not be in until mar21. Anybody know when they are getting th 2.16 in T.O.