Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Macs and the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive

Yesterday, shortly after I wrote the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive article, my local store got the Xbox 360 HD DVD drives in, so I was able to try it myself on my Macs. As expected, the drive is recognized immediately.

There is a separate Xbox 360 HD DVD Memory Unit listed because HD DVD players must include non-volatile memory for things such as user bookmarks, etc. On my Macs CDs and DVDs play fine using this drive, but commercial HD DVDs are not natively supported by OS X Tiger (yet).

With Windows Vista on my MacBook, commercial HD DVDs are recognized (but are not playable without the correct software). The drive is recognized as a Toshiba DVD/HD X807616 USB Device. Out of interest's sake, I checked out the disc sizes of some HD DVDs. King Kong (a 188 minute movie) is 27.4 GB, but Corpse Bride is only 19 GB. The Polar Express, a reference quality 100 minute disc, is reported to be only 13 GB.


Brian said...

This isn't really relevant to this post, but thanks for answering my question of whether Vista with Aero Glass will run on a MacBook.

The MacBook specs say, "Intel GMA 950 graphics processor with 64MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory." If I have 2GB or RAM, can/will the MacBook use more than 64MB for the graphics?

Robert Ropars said...

From poking around online it would appear (I'm assuming) you need a newer Mac with the Intel inside? I have an iMac G5 made just before they announced the new ones and I'm assuming this means I can't hook up the MS HD DVD player to mine and expect anything to work right?

Eug said...

Robert, you could plug in the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive into a PowerPC Mac as well. It should work fine for DVDs and such.

However, like I said, there is no software to play back commercial HD DVDs on Macs yet. Furthermore, your G5 iMac is too slow to play back commercial HD DVDs anyway.

Todd said...

I am wondering from reading this I have a HD dvd player with surround sound I would like playing the dvd while viewing it through my imac which does have the intel chip in it. Is this possible and if so what would I need to make it work?