Saturday, December 29, 2007

Panasonic announces 9.5 mm Blu-ray burner for laptops

Panasonic has announced a 9.5 mm thick Blu-ray burner, small enough to fit into the MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, it is a tray-load drive, and Mac laptops require slot-load drives. However, slot-load versions should follow soon.

The drive will make an appearance at CES 2008 in January.


Anonymous said...

This looks great! Yea, they need to make this as a slot load as well as a regular 5.25 drive for the Mac Pro desktop. I have a feeling Apple will release new computers with Blu-ray drives very soon.

Anonymous said...

OK, not sure best way to get this question to you, so I am posting it here. Can you help me with my problem, trying to get Stock G4 Cube to boot off of external HD with 10.5 (installed from iBook G4).

Here's what I get:

Start Cube with option key held down
Have choice to boot from internal HD with system 10.3.9 or Ext. HD with 10.5
Select External HD
Apple logo screen appears
Then screen goes dim, series of lines with error messages appears starting with a statement such as: "Unable to find driver for this platform: \"Powermac 5,1" . . .
with many more lines of programmer jargon and symbols.

Any thoughts?
Tom (will check back here)

Eug said...

Tom, I moved your post and answered it here: