Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No backlit keyboard in lower end aluminum MacBook

Just a word of warning for those interested in the new aluminum MacBook: The lower end model does not include a backlit keyboard.

This is a disappointment. Besides the new trackpad, the one very enticing feature of the new design is the backlit keyboard. Hopefully the next iteration of the AluMacBook will include the illuminated keyboard.

Who knows... Maybe by that time Apple will also add FireWire-over-Ethernet support to the MacBooks. That's unlikely though.

The Apple Store is very misleading. Although Apple's website confirms in multiple places that the low end 2.0 GHz aluminum MacBook does not include a backlit keyboard, the Apple Store order page says it does.


Anonymous said...

Yaa... and i didn't read it at page and then... when I started to use it get disapointed right the way...

most strange is that i see it has support for it :(

Jarryd said...

I have seen a regular macbook with a backlit keyboard. I think it is an extra tho