Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple steals iBooks interface


Delicious Library:

Not cool, Apple.

More from Washington Post on this.


Anonymous said...

A copy of Delicious Library? You're kidding right? Try a copy of the "Classics" iPhone application. And by copy I mean an almost exact duplication from the color of the book pages to the bookmark ribbon to the page turning animation.

Yes, Classics did copy the Delicious Library bookshelf appearance, but that's not what made it special. The actual reading of the book part is what set Classics aside from other book readers and Apple has almost exactly copied this for the iBooks interface.

Eug said...

So, they copied two apps then? Not cool, Apple.

BTW, for "interface" perhaps I should have said "design" instead.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just view the animation of the Classics app here:

The Apple iBooks interface is almost identical. And incidentally, apparently the Classics app guys talked to Shipley before they created their bookcase design.

Jason Schmidt said...

A bookshelf is a real world object, like a table or bed. Borrowing a real world object for a digital interface to replicate the same experience from the real world isn't original; it's expected. Delicious Library wasn't original as an interface design and neither is iBooks. Unless iBooks literally copied the grain pattern of the wood (which it didn't), there is no theft going on here.