Tuesday, March 15, 2005

CHUD 4.1.1: References to quad CPUs and 970MP removed

CHUD 4.1.0 provided many clues to future dual-core and quad (dual dual-core) Macs, with its references to "970MP" and "Quad", as well as MONster.app's obvious support of 4 cores:

However, with the new 4.1.1 version, all the above clues have been removed. MONster.app now just shows a single CPU for my Cube, with no greyed-out CPU 2, CPU 3, and CPU 4. Interestingly however, the font size in 4.1.1 is the same as in 4.1.0, which means there is sufficient space to display CPUs 2-4, if the cores are present:

It's obvious now that 4.1.0 wasn't pulled for just bug fixes. ;) Too late though, since IBM has already confirmed the existence of the dual-core G5 970MP. :)

[Update 2005-03-16]

Although the above clues have been removed, not surprisingly one can still find several other references to 4 CPUs in the code of the updated MONster.app.

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