Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's official! IBM confirms the 970MP.

IBM has quietly confirmed on its website the existence of the 970MP, by way of a document titled Using Thermal Diodes in the PowerPC970MP® Processor, which begins as follows:
The dual 64-bit core PowerPC970MP™ (970MP) is the next evolutionary step in the PowerPC 970 family of microprocessors. The higher frequency grade versions of the 970MP consume higher amounts of power than earlier IBM microprocessors do, and that can cause temperature issues. Each 970MP processor core contains a thermal diode used to monitor its operating temperature. The thermal diode must be monitored to ensure that the maximum operating temperature of the 970MP is not exceeded.

So my friends, no more conjecture. Not only is the 970MP real, it's officially real. ;) Bring on the new Power Macs!

[Update 2005-03-16]

The IBM document has now been pulled. It seems everything is getting pulled right after release these days...


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"The link to the PDF file is still working.

Sorry Homy, I had to delete your message because the link (which was the same as in the other comment) was screwing up the formatting.

Anyways, it seems that IBM no longer wants us in there:

"You have attempted to enter a controlled access area that you are not currently entitled to view. IBM Microelectronics uses a entitlement process to protect potentially sensitive data."