Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Apple's new iMacs and MacBook Pro use EFI

My 13" PowerBook prediction for Macworld was wrong, as were the predictions from most of the rumour sites. However, Kevin Rose was dead on. Apple today released the MacBook Pro and the new Intel iMacs, both of which sport the Yonah Core Duo CPU and the Radeon 1600.

A few points:

1) Both machines utilize EFI. Unlike the previous Intel developer Mac boxes, these machines can boot from Firewire, but not from USB 2.0. Because they use EFI, Windows XP compatibility may be problematic.

2) The modem is now gone on both machines. An external module is available.

3) Firewire 800 is no longer included with the MacBook Pro. It was never available with the iMac.

4) The MacBook Pro includes a remote for Front Row and sports a built-in iSight.

5) The MacBook Pro's screen is slightly larger (15.4"), but with a slightly lower resolution (1440x900).

6) The MacBook Pro has an ExpressCard slot instead of PCMCIA.

7) The S-video output is now gone for the MacBook Pro.

[Update 2006-01-11]

According to this document, the new EFI Intel iMacs can boot from both USB and Firewire. However, they cannot boot Firewire drives that were formatted using PowerPC Macs, because the partition scheme differs, although Intel iMacs can read PowerPC Mac formatted Firewire drives as data drives.

Also, initial reports state that the new Intel iMacs will not boot with Windows XP install discs. Ironically, what this means is that the only Macs that can run Windows are PowerPC Macs, through Virtual PC. Intel Macs cannot boot Windows at this time, and they can't run Virtual PC either. Microsoft has already gone on record to say that Virtual PC is coming to Intel Macs however... eventually.

Last but not least, the monitor spanning support and the optional DVI-out of the new iMacs, along with the upgradability to 256 MB for the GPU on the 20", means that for some people the new iMacs can truly be replacements for dual Power Macs.


Anonymous said...

But can it run Windows?! AAAAAGH, tell me! (love the site, by the way, which is why I'm asking you :-)

Eug said...

Can it run Windows? I don't know, but we'll find out soon enough once people have their Intel iMacs in hand.

MaLer said...

S-Video is via DVI (you need to buy DVI-> Video)