Tuesday, January 10, 2006

QuickTime 7.0.4 released, and then pulled

Warning: Do not install the 7.0.4 update for QuickTime in Software Update. Apple released it, and then pulled it with no explanation. However, there are reports on the net that state that 7.0.4 causes problems with Windows Media files.

[Update 2006-01-10]

The QuickTime 7.0.4 update is back again. Again, no explanation.

[Update 2006-01-13]

One error is that if you close a Safari webpage with an embedded WMV file played through QuickTime 7.0.4 and Flip4Mac 2.0, Safari would crash. However, Flip4Mac 2.0.1 has now been released, which corrects this problem.


Anonymous said...

7.0.4 causes problems with ZeroG installer software on OSX 10.3.9 the fix is in apples web site 701 reinstaller. This cures the problem!!

Anonymous said...

The 701 reinstaller is also the fix for Apple's RAID Admin failing to launch. Why on earth there is a dependency between a disk utility and a multimedia app is beyong comprehension.