Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bootcamp: Apple adds Windows XP support to Intel Macs, AAPL up 10%

Apple today dropped a bombshell on the Mac community by announcing a new Apple-supported bootloader called Boot Camp. For those who have Intel Macs, this software will allow boot support for Windows XP. Although Apple Intel Macs use EFI, the latest firmware update adds support for OSes that require BIOS compatibility. In traditional Mac fashion, Boot Camp makes it easy for users to partition their hard drives and install Windows XP, and provides a menu to choose between the different OSes at bootup.

For those wishing to try out this software, just remember Boot Camp is still in beta. A few users have reported serious problems with the install. Also, for those who wish to write to the Windows partition from within Mac OS X, FAT32 should be used as the file format, since OS X has full FAT32 read/write support. NTFS is not recommend because OS X can only read NTFS and not write to it.

The investors loved the news, and drove AAPL up 9.87% to US$67.21.


Anonymous said...

Apple should buy Guest PC and incorperate it into Bootcamp since it already has all of these bugs worked out, lets you install Windows OS's all the way back to DOS and lets you run OSX while running Windows XP inside its own window.
Guest PC:

Anonymous said...

Apple will add market share and more people will now make the switch