Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Apple iPod photo camera adapter coming

My previous complaints about the iPod photo were that it was far too expensive and that it couldn't view downloaded photos through the $100 adapter. However, Apple has now addressed both of those complaints.

First, Apple drastically reduced the cost of the 60 GB iPod photo, and added a lower priced 30 GB unit. Neither ship with docks or Firewire cables, but the much lower price more than makes up for it.

Second, Apple is introducing a new Apple-branded adapter for $29. Furthermore, downloaded photos will be immediately viewable on screen, according to Apple VP Greg Joswiak. This feature will also work on the older iPod photos. The photos cannot be displayed on a TV screen via the video output, but for image tank purposes, this thumbnail support on the iPod photo's screen is sufficient. A picture of the adapter was first posted at AppleInsider:

One also wonders if this adapter will allow synchronization and charging of the iPod photo through a USB 2 cable that has male type A connectors at both ends.