Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New iMac - No quad for you

Apple disappointed many today by releasing an update to the iMac... without quad cores. This was not overly surprising however, as only high-power and mid-power quad-core Intel CPUs exist at the moment. The low power mainstream version that Apple will likely use in the iMac (and MacBook Pro) will not be out until about 2009 Q3 or 2010 Q1.

I want a new iMac, but I'll simply wait. My dual-core iMac will have to do until then. Hopefully by that time 8 GB of RAM for the iMac will actually be affordable, instead of the CAD$1200 it is now.

By the way, Apple finally added another USB port. Too bad they didn't make it five, like on the new Mac mini. However, they removed one Firewire port to make room for it.

New Mac mini gets dual video outputs

As the rumours predicted, the newly released Mac mini gets two video outputs and five USB ports. Nice.

Monday, March 02, 2009

iPhone holds 2/3rds of mobile browsing market share

AppleInsider reports Net Applications' numbers which show that Apple's iPhone completely dominates the mobile browsing market, with a 66.6% share. All the other competitors are at less than 10%. One might not be surprised though, considering that Apple's Safari along with the iPhone's OS make for the only mobile browser actually worth using. Everything else is terrible by comparison.