Wednesday, July 14, 2004

It's Official: G5 in new iMac

Yes folks, it's official. The new iMac in September will sport a G5.

Peter Oppenheimer, Apple's CFO, said in the Q3 conference call that the primary holdup for the new iMac is a shortage of G5s.

Now on to the rest of the numbers...

This quarter, Apple had $2.014 billion in revenue, with $61 million profit (which includes a one-time $6 million restructuring charge). That's 16 cents per share, slightly beating the analysts' expectation of 15 cents. Apple sold 860000 iPods and 876000 Macs, which represents a year over year increase of 183% and 19% respectively.

The approximate breakdown of Macs sold is:

243000 eMacs/iMacs (including 60000 iMacs)
173000 PowerMacs (including 13000 Xserves)

240000 iBooks
220000 PowerBooks

This is pretty impressive. As expected, the iPod is doing very well, and I would expect them to do even better in Q4 (assuming Apple can meet demand) since the iPod mini is going worldwide in a couple of weeks, and also because we may get a new iPod release soon. However, in addition to great iPod sales in Q3 there were also substantial improvements in Mac sales, including very nice sales of the Xserves (and more than I expected) despite their problems with G5 970FX chip supplies from IBM.

They also separated out iMacs from the eMacs, and the numbers confirm what many of suspected all along, that the G4 iMac is black sheep of the consumer desktop family in terms of sales. For both our sake and Apple's sake, I hope the G5 iMac in September will wow us again into opening our wallets.

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hmurchison said...

Well they can count on my purchase. I was thinking eMac but knew that if the iMac 3rd Gen was a G5 I'd buy it. I'll have to wait until next year but the iMac is what I'm looking for. Then a Powerbook in 2006 and I'll be set.