Thursday, August 18, 2005

Apple begins iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues

Apple today released a FAQ about their new iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues:
The iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues applies to first generation iMac G5 computers that have video or power-related issues as a result of a specific component failure. If your iMac G5 is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed below and your computer's serial number is within the noted ranges, your computer may be eligible for repair, free of charge. If Apple or an Authorized Apple Service Provider (AASP) determines that your iMac G5 computer is eligible as part of the program, the repair will be covered by Apple even if your iMac G5 is out of warranty. This is a worldwide Apple program.

Affected systems will exhibit one of the following video- or power-related symptoms :

Scrambled or distorted video
No video
No power

Note: If your iMac G5 is not experiencing any of these symptoms, you do not have to contact Apple or any Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Which iMac G5 computers are affected by the iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues?
The program is available for certain iMac G5 models that were sold between approximately September 2004 and June 2005 featuring 17- and 20-inch displays with 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz G5 processors.

The affected iMac G5 computers have serial numbers where the first 5 digits fall into the ranges noted below.

Serial Number ranges:

W8435 - W8522
QP435 - QP522
CK435 - CK522
YD435 - YD522

Somehow this all seems vaguely familiar.

[Update 2005-08-20]

The repair program includes the first G5 iMac models released in August 2004. It is not clear if the more recent G5 iMac models released in May 2005 are included. Newer 2.0 GHz iMacs do indeed fall into the serial number ranges, but Apple specifically leaves out 2.0 GHz model iMacs in the program description.


ErnsWorld said...

I have a G5 with iSight that just went out of warranty and at the same time, almost to the day, the Logic Board went out. I took it to the local Apple Store and $1000 later I will be able to have it back and working again. Is that even worth it? I an get a Referb iMac Intel for about $200 more. Go figure.

I wrote about it on my blog check it out if you like .. Erns Wrold

Eug said...

If the logic board really did die just after the warranty expired, then I would call Apple again to try to get them to cover it.

Otherwise, just get a refurb Intel iMac, unless you have software that absolutely requires a PowerPC chip or OS 9 Classic.

Anonymous said...

Apple 20 inch iMac 2.0GHz
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rajesh said...

How much will it cost me to fix my iMac? I have a 3 year old imac and recently a fuzzy thin line is now going down its screen. I want to get Imac repairs but am worried about the price.

rajesh said...
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