Thursday, October 19, 2006

Apple screws up, blames Microsoft

Apple yesterday admitted that they shipped a number of iPods to customers with a Windows worm on them, which infected several customers' PCs.

Instead of simply issuing a standard press release, Apple instead decided to throw in a dig at Microsoft:
As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it.
Jon Poon, who works for Microsoft scanning its software before it's released, was quick to respond:
Instead of focusing on how and why it was even included in the first place, the company that published a series of video ads, including this one, actual try to divert the blame on the Windows platform!

It's not a matter of which platform that the virus originated. The fact that it's found on the portable player means that there's an issue with how the quality checks, specifically the content check was done. This also indicates that through the manufacturing cycle, the base device from which the image was duplicated to the other devices in the manufacturing run, was connected to a PC that most probably did not have , and i quote their press release, "up to date anti-virus software which is included with most Windows computers".
Mr. Poon is absolutely correct. Apple's attempt to try to shift partial blame onto Microsoft, even if in jest, simply comes across as being unprofessional.


Anonymous said...

Well, this shows that Apple needs to closely monitor the software released with their iPods. More and more viruses are out there and now there are also Mac viruses. Being that they support both PC and Mac does not allow them to blame Microsoft, but shows that they are lacking in virus testing of the iPods. Now that Mac OSX is built on a Unix platform it is more susceptible. A friend of mine got a Mac virus on her G4 using OSX 10.4, so yes there are Mac viruses out there, but not as many as the PC has.

Brajeshwar said...

Well! Chuckle.... chuckle .... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Apple should have verified and monitored the contents of the drive that was used to image the pods, and also spot-checked the pods themselves. They certainly dropped the ball. But, I think it WAS worth mentioning that if it weren't for Microsoft's POS operating system, there wouldn't have been a worm or whatever in the first place. Oh, and I would hardly call the crap Microsoft bundles with SP2 "anti-virus" software - that's really a stretch.

Anonymous said...

Apple is getting worse and worse )=
Very non-professional indeed.