Friday, March 30, 2007

8-core Mac Pros imminent

Thanks to Apple Insider for pointing out another leak at the US Apple Store indicating new Macs will have quad-core CPUs. The same leak is present at Apple Store Canada. The text reads:
Every new Mac features powerful dual-core or quad-core Intel processors, the world's most advanced operating system, and more. Build your Mac to your exact specifications, or start with our recommended configurations that are optimized for Creative Suite 3.
Current Mac Pros have dual dual-core CPUs. It has been widely speculated that future Mac Pros will have up to two quad-core CPUs (for a total of eight cores), and this leak seems to confirm the speculation (again).

And to think, it was only two years ago when we thought Quad G5 cores was a big deal.


Anonymous said...

Just wait till the end of 07 when Intel will be releasing 45nm Penryn chips that take up less power and Nehalem chips in 08.

Anonymous said...

Intel currently has on their home page articles about their 50W quad core chips with 35% to almost 60% decrease in power over the current quad core. Their current clovertown chips which Apple is rumored to be using in the next Mac Pros take up much more power + there are 8 of them. If Apple used this 50W you would save 150-200W of power!!