Friday, June 22, 2007

Cube & old G4 Power Macs not Leopard compatible

I have it on good authority that Apple has added a new restriction to the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard requirements.

We knew that a DVD drive, built-in Firewire, and at least a G4 were required. However, one additional requirement now is an 800 MHz G4. This basically leaves out everyone with early Power Macs, including:
G4 350-400 MHz Yikes (PCI)
G4 350-500 MHz Sawtooth (AGP)
G4 450-500 MHz Cube
G4 400-500 MHz Gigabit Ethernet
G4 467-733 MHz Digital Audio
G4 733 MHz Quicksilver
All G4 iBooks should be fine, but Leopard will exclude most of the G4 Titanium PowerBooks (up to 667 MHz). Fortunately for most G4 iMac and eMac owners (with DVD drives), only the very bottom end 700 MHz models are excluded. Curiously, a GPU capable of supporting Quartz Extreme is not listed as a requirement, but that may be moot as I believe all 800 MHz G4 Macs shipped with Quartz Extreme support.

This is big disappointment for those of us with Cubes and such, but we shouldn't give up just yet. I suspect that if one has access to a PowerPC Mac which meets the requirements, one may be able to transfer a Leopard install from that to an unsupported G4 Mac. (An Intel Mac will not work, since its installs are not bootable on PowerPC Macs.) The other question is whether or not those of us with upgraded CPUs will be able to install Leopard natively. Lastly, I'm sure that XPostFacto will be updated when Leopard ships, to add support for these vintage Macs.


Anonymous said...

It must be because the Power Macs G4 up to the 733 MHz QuickSilver, including the Cube, and the G4 Titanium PowerBooks up to 667 MHz model are vintage products "that were discontinued more than five and less than seven years ago."

Eug said...

True, but then again, the G3 iBooks are not considered vintage or obsolete. Apple was still selling them less than 4 years ago.

Similarly, the 700 MHz G4 iMac and eMac are also not considered vintage or obsolete. Apple was still selling them less than 5 years ago.

However, they too have no Leopard support.

Anonymous said...

A clean copy of the WWDC beta installer ran without incident on a refurbished 1GHz TiBook (cloned to a HD partition). The resulting install on an outboard FW drive (Apple-branded Hitachi Travelstar 80GB from '03) partition also successfully booted a 500MHz G4 "Sawtooth" with upgraded video and 768MB of RAM. The installer can't run "locally" on the Sawtooth (displays an alert), but the bundled utilities do.

Sonnet and its competitors will need to gear up for fresh demand for their processor upgrades soon. I hope to get one of Sonnet's duet upgrades eventually.

Anonymous said...

Have a GigaDesigns 1.8GHZ here and get the message this system is unsupported. I believe it is reading the machine model fom the firmware on the board. Processor upgrades do not get around this so far. :(

Anonymous said...

sorry for late comment but I got great news for high speed upgrade cars users...

You can boot easily and install by downgrading your accelerator up to 1.6 GHz

I got many issues when I revert to original speed once installed but it works without any problem at 1.6 GHz
(G4 Gigabit Ethernet, Upgraded Video)

Anonymous said...

I have a TiBook G4 667MHz, when i try to install Leopard it says that the system is unsupported.

What can i do to overcome this problem and get the Leopard installed without the need to get an image of installed Leopard from a newer system.

Thanx guys for ur help :)

BigBird said...

where are you guys getting leopard to install? I really want it, and plan on buying it after it is officially released to the public. Is there a beta version? and I have 2 G4 macs (Titanium Powerbook G4, 1GHz, with 1GB of RAM, and an iMac G4, 1 GHz, with 1GB of RAM, both have DVD burners) And hope that it will install on both of them.

Anonymous said...

I installed Leopard on my G4 1ghz titanium powerbook just fine - however the wireless range has diminihed.

Anonymous said...

this page are the instruction of how to instal Leopard on any mac of any speed just need 512+Mb of ram

Anonymous said...