Thursday, January 17, 2008

MacBook Air SuperDrive not supported on other Macs

Apple says the MacBook Air SuperDrive is made specifically for the MacBook Air and is not supported on any other Mac.

That is a disappointment. However, we don't know yet what that really means. It could work on other Macs even if it is not supported.


Several have now confirmed that the MacBook Air's external USB SuperDrive does NOT work on other Macs.


Charles said...

I'm pretty sure it has to do with the power. A normal USB connection doesn't provide enough power for a dvd burner, so Apple probably did something special with the MBA. Other computers wouldn't have this 'feature' so they wouldn't provide enough power for it to run.

Eug said...

USB powered DVD burners already exist from other manufacturers.

Scott said...

Don't a lot of those USB powered DVD burners require two USB ports for full speed? The MBA's obviously can only use one. Maybe that's a reason?

Anonymous said...

I've seen external laptop USB powered DVD burners at CompUSA. This is BS that Apple makes one that only works on their Macbook Air and not another computer.

This is just like saying yes, you purchased and own that song but it will only play on our mp3 player.