Thursday, April 03, 2008

Apple number 1 music vendor in the US

For the first month of 2008, Apple took the crown of #1 music vendor in the US, from Wal-Mart. NPD notes that Apple had 19% of the market, noticeably ahead of Wal-Mart's 15% and Best Buy's 13%. Amazon and Target rounded out the top five at 6% each.

Everyone knew that legal digital music downloads would eventually become dominant in the market, but some of us (ie. me) are surprised at just how fast the adoption of this technology has been.

It has been a good week for Apple, with analyst estimates just two days ago indicating that Apple's US consumer computer market share was a whopping 21%.

AAPL closed over $150 today for the first time in months, up $4.12 to $151.61.

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