Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fido caves: Offers 6 GB $30 data plan

In a stunning move, Fido has caved in to protests and has offered a new and much improved promotional data plan, just two days before the much anticipated launch of the iPhone 3G in Canada. This plan offers 6 GB of data for $30 which in terms of price is in sharp contrast to their current $30 / 300 MB plan. The catch is that the new plan is only going to be offered until August 31, and will require a 3-year contract. Furthermore, it requires an "in-market" voice plan, which likely excludes special retention plans and maybe grandfathered plans as well.

Effective July 11, and as a limited time promotional offer for customers who activate until August 31, 2008 on a three year contract, a data-only offering of 6GB of data for $30 per month is being made available that can be added to any in-market voice plan. For example, with 6GB of data, iPhone 3G users can visit 35,952 web pages, or send and receive 157,286 emails, or watch 6,292 minutes of YouTube videos each and every month.

There is no word yet on Rogers.

[Update 2008-07-09]

Now on Rogers too.

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