Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mac mini easy to disassemble

One of the biggest issues with the new Mac mini is Apple's statement that the memory is not user upgradable. Unfortunately, if one buys the Mac mini configured by Apple with 1 GB RAM, it is very expensive because of Apple's high memory prices.

Fortunately, it appears that disassembly of the Mac mini is a relatively simple process. All that is required is a thin putty knife, and some care. Once the Mac mini is disassembled, there is easy access to the memory slot.

Furthermore, some Apple reps have suggested that Apple may still honour the Mac mini's warranty if nothing is damaged when memory is installed by the user. That is good news, since third party 1 GB RAM DIMMs are a lot cheaper than what Apple charges, and 1 GB is often necessary for those users wishing to use the Mac mini for more than basic web surfing and office applications.

One might guess that within a few weeks, some enterprising soul will be selling cheap flat tools specifically for this purpose.

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