Monday, January 17, 2005

Mac mini: Outselling 4G iPods, appeals to enterprise

Although it is too early to declare the Mac mini an all around success, early signs for Mac mini sales are very positive. The Mac mini is now the number one selling computer at the Apple Store UK. Not only has the Mac mini dethroned the iMac G5 as the best selling Mac computer, it is even outselling the fourth generation iPod.

The iMac G5 is now the second best selling computer, which indicates to us that iMac G5 sales are still relatively brisk, enough to top sales of the popular iBook laptop. While it may be that a small amount of cannibalization of iMac sales may be occuring, it appears the Mac mini has opened up a new market for Apple at the low end, and overall Mac market share will increase. Led by the iMac G5, Apple sold 1.046 million Macs last quarter (2005 Q1), and 3.29 million Macs in the 2004 financial year. Now with the Mac mini, Apple could sell well over 4 million Macs in 2005.

We earlier had discussed the implications of the Mac mini for enterprise. Since the release of the Mac mini, other sites have been thinking along the same lines. The inclusion of a headless low priced Mac into Apple's lineup makes the Macintosh platform that much more attractive to enterprise customers, and this should provide yet another significant boost to overall Mac sales in 2005.

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